A direct deposit can help you save time and money—and is a convenient way to ensure your funds are available as soon as possible. You can get your funds up to two days earlier with Early Pay.

A direct deposit is an electronic transfer of funds from an organization like your employer, a retirement plan or the Social Security Administration, paid directly to your Regions deposit account or prepaid Regions Now Card®.

With direct deposit, you can enjoy:

  • Convenience. Direct deposit eliminates the need to deposit your pay or benefits check each period.
  • Quicker access to funds. With the Early Pay feature, you'll be able to get access to payroll funds from participating employers or federal and state government payments up to two days early.
  • Easier savings. Put a portion or all of your funds directly into savings.
  • Reliability. When you’re absent or on vacation, your funds will automatically be directed to your deposit account or Now Card.

When you set up a qualifying direct deposit to your Regions checking, savings or money market account or Regions Now Card®, you'll be able to get your funds up to two days early through Early Pay—it’s automatic and there's no additional cost.

Learn more about Early Pay.  

To set up direct deposit:

  • Complete a brief direct deposit form for your deposit account. (Use the Now Card direct deposit form to load funds directly to your prepaid Now Card.)
  • Include your routing and account number on the form. These can be found on the bottom of your checks, through Online Banking (on your Account Overview) or at a branch. Now Card customers should include the Now Card routing number (065402892) and the 16-digit Now Card number.
  • Give your direct deposit form to your employer, your retirement plan or the Social Security Administration. (You may also call 1-800-333-1795 or visit GoDirect.gov to set up direct deposit for Social Security payments).
  • For direct deposit to a checking account, be sure to include a voided Regions Bank check (not a deposit slip) with your request.

You can also set up account alerts and notifications in Online Banking or Mobile Banking so you’ll know when your direct deposit funds have been received.

Direct Deposit Form (PDF)


Now Card Direct Deposit Form (PDF)