Direct Deposit

Regions Personal Banking

A direct deposit can help you save time, save money and is a convenient way to ensure your funds are available as soon as possible. 

A direct deposit is an electronic transfer of funds from an organization such as your employer, a retirement plan or the Social Security Administration, directly to your checking account or Regions Now Card®.

Through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), America's largest electronic payments network, the transaction is initiated by submitting an electronic file which is then allocated and distributed to each person's bank account or Now Card on specified pay dates.

Regions Direct Deposit Benefits:

  • Convenience - Having your paycheck directly deposited into to your bank account or Now Card eliminates the need for you to visit your local branch to deposit your paycheck each pay period.
  • Quicker access to funds  - Direct deposits are usually initiated a day in advance of payday, allowing you access to your money on the morning of payday, even before your financial institution has opened.
  • Promote savings - By having your paycheck directly deposited to your bank account or Now Card, you reduce the risk of overspending. When people cash their paychecks, they are more likely to spend a larger portion of their pay than when the funds are deposited directly in their account or Now Card.
  • Reliability - When you are absent or on vacation, you will not need to make special arrangements to obtain your paycheck; it will automatically be directed to your bank account or Now Card.
  • Environmentally friendly - Since your funds are directly deposited to your account or Now Card, you save gas that you would normally consume by driving to and idling through the branch drive-thru.

To set up your direct deposit, fill out our direct deposit form and give it to your employer, your retirement plan or the Social Security Administration (you may also call 1-800-333-1795 or visit to set up direct deposit for Social Security payments). For checking accounts, be sure to include a voided Regions Bank check (not a deposit slip) with your request.

Direct Deposit Form (PDF)


Now Card Direct Deposit Form (PDF)