Regions Greenprint® plan

Your financial goals are unique. That's why you need a Regions Greenprint® plan designed specifically for you. Working with a banker, you will build a plan — and the financial confidence — to reach the milestones that matter to you.

Make your financial life better — in 3 steps

1. Start with a conversation

You and your banker will meet to discuss short-term and long-term financial goals as well as your current financial picture.

2. Build your plan

We will work with you to create a plan based on your goals and financial situation.

3. Put your plan into action

Use the tools and solutions to move toward achieving your goals. We will be by your side, providing support as your goals change to help you feel confident every step of the way.

Regions Greenprint® plan FAQs

  • It is a personalized – and free – plan designed to help you achieve your financial goals. Working with a banker, you'll build a plan to move toward the milestones that matter to you. The banker will offer other smart solutions and personalized guidance to help you meet goals. We'll help keep you on track and eliminate the guesswork, so you feel confident you’re making the right decisions.
  • Make an appointment or visit a nearby branch to speak with a banker and begin mapping your path to financial confidence.
  • Whether you want to buy a home, plan for retirement or just start building an emergency savings fund, a personalized Greenprint plan will help you feel confident that you’re making the right choices with your money today and in the future. Building a personalized plan with a banker can help you make more informed decisions and:

    • Understand your current financial picture.
    • Set financial goals.
    • Understand how Regions can help you reach your goals.
  • Your banker will dedicate this time with you to explore your goals and needs as well as your current financial picture. Together, you and your banker will create a personalized financial health score and a plan that may:

    • Help you achieve your financial goals in the short-term and long-term.
    • Provide guidance for managing spending and saving.
    • Set a foundation for how to borrow responsibly and plan for the future.
  • As part of your Regions Greenprint plan, you may also elect to receive your financial health score. The financial health score is a snapshot of your financial health based on key indicators tied to spending, saving and borrowing habits.
  • Making your plan is just the beginning of the Greenprint journey. With clearly defined next steps, you and your banker can review your progress, help keep you motivated, and adjust your plan as your needs and goals shift over time.
  • Most certainly. We suggest updating your Regions Greenprint personalized plan at least every 6 months or when a life event happens, like a new baby, new home, marriage, or retirement. Updating your Regions Greenprint personalized plan ensures your plan adjusts as your needs and goals evolve over time.

Smart solutions to help you succeed

Manage money
Open a checking account

Find the right checking account to make your everyday life easier. You can open an account in as little as 5 minutes.

Grow savings
Earn a savings bonus

Set up monthly automated savings transfers from a Regions checking account to a LifeGreen® Savings account for an opportunity to earn an annual savings bonus[1] of up to $100.

Access funds
Build credit for the future

Subscribe to Self,[2] a service that could help build your credit history by reporting payments you already make and improve your access to financial opportunities in the future.

Protect assets
Control your cards

Set up LockIt® card controls[3] to customize how your debit card, credit card and prepaid Now Card® can be used.

Get a Regions Greenprint® plan for your small business

Work with a banker to build a customized, free Greenprint plan to help your small business grow stronger and achieve its financial goals.

Learn more about Greenprint for small business

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