Personal Lines of Credit

A Regions line of credit gives you options. Use the funds to cover expenses as you need them. You can even link your line to a Regions checking account as overdraft protection.

Find the line of credit that fits your needs

no collateral with a variable interest rate
Preferred Line of Credit

A revolving line of credit that requires no collateral and has a variable interest rate.

The maximum line amount is $50k.

Use a regions account balance as collateral
Savings Secured Line of Credit

Secured by a Regions savings or money market account. A great way to improve less-than-perfect credit when used responsibly.

Max amount up to 100% of available balance in the Regions account used as collateral.

Small line of credit for overdraft protection
Protection Line of Credit

A small revolving line of credit for overdraft protection. Credit line of $50 to $500 with a fixed interest rate, no annual or transfer fee.

Eligible Regions customers will receive an invitation through email or online banking.

Why the Preferred Line of Credit is the most popular

Borrow as much or as little as you need up to your credit limit. Requires no collateral and can be used for almost anything — use the money for home improvement, car repairs, expenses or paying-off higher-interest debt.

The Preferred Line of Credit gives you flexibility

Flexible funds

Whether you need a small or large line of credit, Regions has the options you're looking for.

No collateral

Borrow as much as you need up to your credit limit.

Use the funds however you like

Funds for home improvement, car repairs, paying off higher-interest debt and more.

Up to $50k line

Current customers can apply online. All applicants can apply in a branch or by phone.

Personal Line of Credit FAQ

Not sure a line of credit is what you need?

If you're looking for funds not secured by collateral and prefer the stability of a fixed interest rate, consider our Unsecured Loan.

Get helpful information and guidance about personal lines of credit

Learn more about when to use lines of credit, differences between loans and lines of credit, how to prepare for your application and more.