For Regions Deposit Customers
Preferred Line of Credit

Borrow as much as you need up to your credit limit at a variable interest rate. Use the funds for everything from home improvements, to car repairs or unexpected expenses with no collateral required.

Regions Preferred Line of Credit at a glance

No collateral required

Fewer hoops means more flexibility.

Variable interest rate

Variable APR based on The Wall Street Journal prime rate, plus a margin.

Finance large projects

Access the funds as you need them for whatever you choose.

Up to $50k line for current customers

Current customers[1] can apply online, in a branch or by phone.

Regions Preferred Line of Credit details

  • Interest rates

    Variable APR based on The Wall Street Journal prime rate, plus a margin. The margin is based on the amount of the approved line amount. Interest rates range from: Prime + 5.00% to Prime + 18.00%.

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    Annual Fee: $50, assessed on your anniversary date
    Over Limit Fee: $29
    Late Fee: $35

    Note: A late fee is assessed if you don't make your payment within 10 days after the payment due date shown on your periodic statement.

    Rate discounts

    Rate discounts are available for loan amounts of $5,000 or greater if you elect to have your monthly payments automatically debited from your Regions checking account through our Automatic Payment Option during the application process. The amount of the discount varies based on your type of relationship with Regions, ranging from 0.25% up to 0.50%.

    Note: This rate discount is not available when the Automatic Payment Option is established after the loan or line of credit has been opened.

    If a rate discount for establishing the Automatic Payment Option at the time of account opening was granted, electing to discontinue this option at any time during the life of the account may cause the APR to increase by the amount of the discount received at account opening. If the APR does increase, the discount cannot be re-established at a later time.

  • Minimum Preferred Line of Credit amount: $500

    Maximum Preferred Line of Credit amount: up to $50,000

    Collateral requirements
    There are no collateral requirements for a Regions Preferred Line of Credit.

    Access to funds
    You will have full access to the funds online, by phone, in a branch or via access checks.

    Credit limit increase
    A new credit application will need to be submitted if you already have an existing Preferred Line of Credit account and you would like to have the credit limit on your account increased. Your existing account number would remain. Please be aware that only one (1) credit limit increase request can be granted within a twelve (12) month period.

  • Your payment is due monthly and includes both principal and interest. The minimum payment will be either 3% of your outstanding balance or $50, whichever is greater.

    Automatic Payment Options
    Allows you peace of mind that your payments will be automatically debited from your checking account each month.

    Already have your account and want to set up an Automatic Payment Option? Access the Automatic Debit Authorization form, then complete, print and follow the directions in the form to process your request.

  • To be eligible for our unsecured loans or lines of credit, you must have a Regions deposit relationship (checking, savings, MM or CD) on which you are an owner that has been open for at least six months.  You may apply online, over the phone, or at your local branch.

    Current Regions customers can apply online, by phone or in a branch
    Current customers can apply in a branch, by phone at 1-888-462-7627 Monday-Friday from 6 am to 7 pm, Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm or apply online for the Regions Preferred Line of Credit.

How does a Regions Preferred Line of Credit work?

You have the flexibility to use a portion of the line of credit, pay down your balance and access the available credit again and again. For instance, if you’re approved $20k, you could use $10k immediately, and in a year, decide to use the other $10k. Not sure that’s what you need? Compare all our personal lines side by side.