Preferred Line of Credit

Borrow as much as you need up to your credit limit at a variable interest rate. Use the funds for everything from home improvements, to car repairs or unexpected expenses with no collateral required.

Not a Regions customer? Apply by phone at 1-888-462-7627 or in a branch.

Regions Preferred Line of Credit at a glance

No collateral required

Fewer hoops means more flexibility.

Variable interest rate

Variable APR based on The Wall Street Journal prime rate, plus a margin.

Finance large projects

Access the funds as you need them for whatever you choose.

Up to $50k line for current customers

Current customers can apply online. All applicants can apply in a branch or by phone.

Regions Preferred Line of Credit details

How does a Regions Preferred Line of Credit work?

You have the flexibility to use a portion of the line of credit, pay down your balance and access the available credit again and again. For instance, if you’re approved $20k, you could use $10k immediately, and in a year, decide to use the other $10k. Not sure that’s what you need? Compare all our personal lines side by side.