Protection Line of Credit

Overdrafts and unexpected expenses can happen to anyone. Qualifying Regions customers can protect themselves with a Regions Protection Line of Credit, with a fixed interest rate and no annual or transfer fee.

Help avoid overdrafts & cover short-term cash needs

No annual fee

Credit line of $50 to $500

Low fixed rate of 12% APR

No transfer fees

What is the Regions Protection Line of Credit?

The Protection Line of Credit is a small, revolving line of credit for overdraft protection. You can borrow funds, repay them and use the line again without needing to re-apply. Eligible Regions customers will receive an invitation through email or online banking.

Peace of mind for life's unexpected expenses

How it helps avoid overdrafts

The line of credit will automatically be linked to the checking account you choose to cover overdrafts. We'll transfer funds from the credit line in amounts of $10 to help bring you back to a positive balance.1

How your credit is impacted

We don't check your credit history or credit score to open the account but once you've activated your offer, the account and your activity (the credit line amount, how much you use, and your payments) are reported to credit reporting agencies, so it could affect your credit score.

Other overdraft protection solutions

If the Protection Line of Credit isn’t right for you, you also have the option to link your Regions personal checking account to other types of Regions accounts - like a savings, money market or credit card - for overdraft protection.

Learn more about Overdraft Protection.

How to qualify for the Regions Protection Line of Credit

The Protection Line of Credit is available to customers once they reach all eligibility requirements. General requirements include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Enrollment in Regions Online Banking
  • An open, personal, checking account for at least 12 months with a deposit of at least $100 in the past 35 calendar days

Regions Protection Line of Credit Details