Home Mortgage Loan Options

We have more ways to say “Yes.” Choose from a wide range of loan options, enjoy real mortgage experience and true personal service at every step.

Our most popular mortgage options

Fixed-rate mortgage

  • Get a stable fixed rate over the life of the loan
  • Enjoy predictable monthly payments
  • Choose from a variety of loan terms

Adjustable-rate mortgage

  • Lower starting interest rate and initial monthly payment
  • Rates based on market variables
  • Fixed for 5, 7 or 10 years, then subject to fluctuation every 6 months

Construction & renovation loans

  • Helps finance construction of a new home or renovation
  • Interest charged as you pay for construction costs
  • One-time closing, use funds as you go

FHA, VA, & USDA loans

  • Government-back loans are designed to be more accessible and affordable
  • Popular with first-time homebuyers
  • Loans often feature low or flexible down payment options

Mortgage loans for physicians & emerging professionals

  • Minimum cash required with options for no down payment
  • Special credit allowances
  • Reduced monthly payments
  • Close your loan before beginning employment

High Net Worth Mortgage

  • Loans of up to $5 million, including jumbo loans
  • Asset-backed loan options
  • Wide range of loan options to suit high-net-worth clients

To apply, contact your Regions Wealth Advisor.

Loans and features to meet most every need

Fixed or ARM options on many loan types

Loans of all size, including jumbo, up to $5 million

Wide variety of loan types for unique situations

Get the right mortgage - plus experience and service to guide you

We commit to proactive communications to help ensure you know exactly where you are in the loan process. Have questions? Find a Mortgage Loan Officer.

Learn about our most affordable options

With over 550 mortgage lenders in 15 states, we're part of the same community as you. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or a current homeowner, we offer loan options to help make home buying more affordable including:

  • Lower down payment options
  • Considerations for veterans, rural properties, and income levels

Special financing needs? We’ve got you covered

We take the time to understand your unique situation before helping you decide which mortgage loan would be right for you. We’ve got loan options for almost every situation, including:

  • Pledged asset options on certain loans that may allow you to reduce your down payment and interest rate.
  • Regions SMART Solutions®, loans for unique or unusual properties that don’t fit the standard mortgage situation.