We're making it easier to manage your checking account.

At Regions, we’re committed to helping you make informed financial decisions. That’s why we're simplifying how we process and communicate with you about your account balances. We want you to have the information you need to manage your finances, right when you need it. An enhanced view of your balances can help you avoid overdrafts and fees.

We provide an enhanced view of the funds available for you to spend or withdraw right now.

We’re updating your available balance as we receive your transactions throughout the day. The balance you see includes everything we know about your checking account activity (even pending checks that have been presented for payment against your personal account).

Learn more about how pending checks clear my account.

We're improving the way we post transactions on your account at the end of the day.

We’ll continue to post credits and deposits first. Posting credits and deposits first helps to ensure that you’ll have the highest available balance before we post your debits and withdrawals. Next, we’ll post withdrawals and apply any pending CheckCard authorization holds in the time and order we receive them. You’ll see the effective date for these changes based on the branch where your Personal, Private Wealth Management and/or non-personal business account is maintained.

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We have amended the terms of the Regions Deposit Agreement to include more information on posting order and other scheduled changes.

We're enhancing our digital tools to make you more aware of your account balances, transactions and notices in near real-time.

Here are some ways we’re helping you be more aware of your account balances, so you don’t spend more money than you have available in your account.

  • Near real-time balance alerts are available for you to activate
  • Clear descriptions for pending transactions
  • Expiration date when funds on hold will be released from a check you deposit
  • Projected Available Balance that shows you how much may be available after nightly posting

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We're limiting the number of fees you may be charged when an overdraft happens.

We hope you never experience the inconvenience of an overdraft or declined purchase. Here are steps we’ve taken to help if you do overspend.

We’re also improving how we process your authorized pending CheckCard transactions. We won’t charge an overdraft fee on a CheckCard transaction if you had enough funds available at the time it was authorized.

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Your financial success is important to us. That's why we offer several options to help you proactively manage your finances, be more aware of your account balances and avoid overdraft and declined transactions.

Standard Overdraft Coverage

Decide if opting into Standard Overdraft Coverage is right for you. Opting in means we may authorize ATM and everyday CheckCard transactions into overdraft, and you’ll be charged an overdraft fee. Opting out means we may decline the item, but you won’t be charged the fee.1

Standard Overdraft Coverage
How to Opt In or Out of Standard Overdraft

Overdraft Protection

Link your Regions checking  account to a Regions savings or credit account2. We’ll automatically transfer available funds to cover your transactions. Overdraft Protection may be less expensive than Standard Overdraft Coverage.

Overdraft Protection
Business Overdraft Protection
Overdraft Services FAQs

Digital Banking Tools

Keep track of your available balance and activity throughout the day to avoid overspending.