Personal Loans

A Regions personal loan gives you the freedom to cover any expense at a fixed rate. Receive funds quickly in one lump sum and pay the loan back over a predictable monthly amount.

Find the personal loan that fits your needs

no collateral, Fixed-rate loan
Unsecured Loan

No collateral required. Interest rates as low as 7.99% APR.1

Maximum loan amount for existing customers is $50k and  $35k for non-customers.

use a regions account balance as collateral
Deposit Secured Loan

Secure funds at a low, fixed interest rate with a Regions CD, savings or money market account.

Maximum loan amount is up to 100% of available balance in a deposit account securing it.

Use an rv, boat or utility vehicle as collateral
Secured Installment Loan

Secure funds to purchase or refinance a recreational vehicle at a low, fixed rate.

Each vehicle type has an individual maximum loan amount ranging from $5k – $300k.

Why our Unsecured Loan is so popular

You get access to the full amount faster because there’s no collateral required. There are no origination fees, you receive a fixed rate for the life of your loan and you could receive the funds the same day you're approved.

Our quickest loan application yet

Pre-approval in seconds

Fill out a quick form online  to receive your loan options within minutes.

No-impact credit check

Checking your loan options does not impact your credit score, when applying online.

Interest rate as low as 7.99% APR

Competitive fixed rates based on amount, terms and credit score.

Apply online for same-day funding

Current customers can apply for up to $50k online, by phone or in branch.

Personal Loans FAQ

Not sure a personal loan fits your needs?

If you’re not sure how much money you need, when you’ll need it or how long it may take you to repay funds, consider one of our most popular lines of credit –– the Preferred Line of Credit.

Get helpful information and guidance about personal loans

Learn more about when to use personal loans, differences between loans and lines of credit, how to prepare for your application and more.