Deposit Secured Loan

A fixed-rate loan, secured with a Regions CD, savings account or money market.1 Receive up to 100% of the available balance in the deposit account securing the loan minus any loan fees. 

Regions Deposit Secured Loan at a glance

One lump sum

Receive all the funds up front and have predictable monthly payments.

Low, fixed interest rates

Collateral-based loans typically mean lower interest rates.

Let your savings keep earning

Keep earning interest in the savings or money market account you use to secure the loan.

Build Credit

Improve your credit when you use your account responsibly.

Regions Deposit Secured Loan details

How does a Regions Deposit Secured loan work?

The approved loan amount is determined by the available balance in either your Regions Savings, CD or Money Market account. A fixed interest rate begins accruing at that time your funds are deposited, and you pay the loan back (plus interest) over your monthly term. Not sure that’s what you need? Compare all our personal loans side by side.