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Credit Card Rewards

Regions rewards you. Learn more about points and cash rewards programs offered with our credit cards.

Choose Points or Cash Rewards

how to redeem rewards points

Earn points for qualifying purchases1. Redeem for travel, merchandise, and more.

how to redeem cash rewards

Earn 1.5% Cash Rewards for qualifying purchases.1

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Check for Pre-Approved Card Offers


Find a Card That's Right For You

Redeem for Purchase

Use your rewards to cover recent credit card purchases. Select Redeem for Purchase at redemption, then choose the purchases you’d like to cover. Your redemption will appear as a statement credit to your account.

regions rewards multiplier

Want even more points? Make them multiply.

Already in our Relationship Rewards points-for-purchases program? Earn more points. Participate in the Regions Rewards Multiplier program to earn extra points for your credit card purchases. If you have both a Regions rewards credit card and a personal checking account, you may register for the Rewards Multiplier program.2 With this program, you could earn extra points based on certain balances in your Regions deposit accounts. And the more you deposit, the more points your credit card purchases could earn.