Cashback Rewards & Merchant Offers

Regions rewards you.

Merchant Offers - Spend and Earn Cash Back

With the Regions Cashback Rewards program,12 you earn Regions Cashback Rewards® when you activate offers in Online or Mobile Banking and use your Visa® debit card or Now Card to make eligible purchases. Follow these easy steps to activate your special offers so you can start earning Cashback Rewards.

To take advantage of your special offers, follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Enroll - You are automatically enrolled in the Regions Cashback Rewards program if you have a Visa® debit card or Now Card and are enrolled in Regions Online Banking.
  • Shop - You’ll receive offers in Regions Online and Mobile Banking from participating retailers and service providers. Click on an offer to activate it, and use your Regions Visa® debit card or Now Card at the retailer or service provider to make purchases according to the terms of the offer.
  • Enjoy - The cash back you earn is automatically deposited in your checking account or added to your Now Card balance.

Get Started
If you have a Visa® debit card or Now Card, enroll in Regions Online Banking to begin receiving offers for Regions Cashback Rewards!