LifeGreen Savings annual bonus

Set up monthly automatic transfers to a LifeGreen® Savings account from a Regions checking account for an opportunity to earn an annual savings bonus[1], build your savings and boost your financial confidence.

Annual savings bonus opportunity details

  • To earn a 1% annual savings bonus up to $100, an automatic transfer of at least $10 from your Regions checking account to your LifeGreen Savings account is required in at least 10 of any of the 12 calendar months that precede the month of your account opening anniversary.
  • The annual savings bonus is based on the average monthly balance for the 12 calendar months that precede your account anniversary month.
  • The annual savings bonus will be paid to your LifeGreen Savings account by the second business day of the month following your account anniversary month.
  • To receive the annual savings bonus, your LifeGreen Savings account must be open on the date the annual savings bonus is paid. Maximum annual savings bonus of $100.

Grow your savings with Spend & Save

Use your Regions debit card and grow your savings automatically with the Spend & Save program. Enroll your personal checking account, choose how much to transfer to savings with each debit card purchase[2] [3] and watch your savings grow daily.

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