Coverage Details

Regions Roadside Assistance. Fast, professional 24-hour emergency assiatanc with just one phone call: 1-800-346-3555.

Who is Covered?
Your Roadside Assistance membership benefits cover you and one other person living in your household – even a dependent up to age 22 living at home or away at college – driving any vehicle owned, leased or furnished to you/them with permission of the owner. It’s just one more perk of Regions Auto Club.

Type of Vehicles Covered
Your membership was designed to cover all self-propelled, four-wheel vehicles designed, licensed and used for private on-road transportation, with trucks limited to a carrying capacity of up to 2,000 pounds, subject to membership guidelines section. Commercial vehicles are not eligible for coverage.

Your membership covers you for road service disablements such as flat tires, dead batteries, running out of gas, or lockouts. You are covered up to a maximum of $100 per event for up to four service events per membership year. Service will be provided for one disablement for the same cause during any consecutive seven-day period. Coverage includes:
  • Battery Boost - If your vehicle won’t start due to a dead or weak battery, we’ll help start it.
  • Flat Tire Service - If you have a flat tire, we’ll install your inflated spare.
  • Fuel Delivery - If you run out of gas, an emergency supply will be delivered to you. The cost of fuel is covered up to two gallons.
  • Winching - If your vehicle is stuck in the mud, sand or snow we will provide service to free your vehicle.

Emergency Lockout Service

Being locked out of your car is not only annoying and inconvenient, but potentially dangerous. As a member, you are entitled to emergency lockout service to help you gain entry to your locked vehicle. You are covered for up to $100 per event.

Towing Services

If the auto service provider can’t fix the problem on the spot, we’ll arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the closest qualified repair facility or destination of your choice, covered up to $100 per event.

Reimbursement Privileges

If unusual circumstances arise and you use the option to obtain emergency services through your own road service provider (defined as an established commercial garage, service station or other repair facility), and you wish to be reimbursed (up to a maximum of $100 for that event), first you must call Cross Country Motor Club (CCMC) at 1-888-346-3555 and receive an authorization number. This number is necessary for reimbursement.

Roadside Connect

Difficulty with your vehicle is never a pleasant experience and can occur at any time in any location. At Cross Country Motor Club, we are concerned for your safety, so the first question we ask when you call for help is, “Are you safe?” ... with good reason.

If at the time of the disablement you feel unsafe, our response specialists are trained to connect you to the police, fire or emergency medical personnel while the response specialist stays on the line. We have invested significant resources into the development of the technology and processes required to link your call to the appropriate local public safety answering point out of thousands found across the United States. This can be just the difference that matters in an emergency.

Auto Theft Reward

Regions Roadside Assistance will pay up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing your motor vehicle – and you’ll be provided with a Reward Decal to be placed on the outside of your vehicle to help deter theft.

Cross Country Perks

As part of Regions Roadside Assistance, you enjoy complimentary membership in Cross Country Perks, a nationwide discount program that provides you with savings from a frequently updated list of high quality brands, leading retailers, online stores and popular service providers. Once you sign up for roadside assistance coverage, taking advantage of these opportunities to save on your favorite brands of everyday and specialty items is easy – a regularly updated website as well as a monthly email will keep you updated on all the latest offers.