Regions Visa Merchant Discounts

Whether it’s buying something for yourself or buying a gift for someone you care about, Regions Visa Discounts can save you money. Save money at a wide variety of major merchants offering discounts on travel, electronics, office supplies, flowers, and more.

Consumer and Private Banking CheckCard Discounts
Saving money on your purchases is more important today than ever before. Saving more means you can buy more of what you need and want. Regions Visa Discounts offers tons of offers to help you save: electronics, travel, gift, house wares, and many more. Check out all of our offers and start saving today.

Business CheckCard Discounts
You know how important it is to manage your business expenses. Regions Visa Business Discounts offers a variety of merchant discounts to save where you need it most: office supplies and equipment, electronics, travel, special occasions and more. Check out all of the available merchants and start saving on your business purchases today.