Private Wealth Management: Wealth Planning

At Regions, its our goal to help you reach yours.

At Regions Private Wealth Management, we know that effective planning integrates your evolving financial situation. The goal of your Regions Private Wealth Management team is to walk alongside you, listen to you and bring new opportunties to your attention. We’re here to help you avoid missteps and offer you advice based on what matters most to you. To do this effectively, we must first cultivate a relationship founded on mutual trust and respect.

We achieve this relationship by providing you with:

A confidential atmosphere

A confidential atmosphere where you feel comfortable sharing your life goals, values and philosophies about money, family dynamics and any concerns you may have.

An easy process

An easy process for our Wealth Advisors to gather and analyze financial data, document detailed information about your expenditures, establish appropriate life planning assumptions (rate of return, inflation rate, savings ratios, etc.), review long and short-term goals, and then map various paths to achieve those goals.

We recognize that to continue to make good decisions, Wealth Planning must be an ongoing process. Priorities shift, new opportunities appear, challenges arise and tax laws change. This is why we like to meet with our clients on an ongoing basis. We can conveniently combine periodic Wealth Planning reviews with quarterly portfolio reviews for our clients whose investments we manage. During these periodic reviews, your Wealth Advisor will assess your progress toward achieving your goals, identify changes that may impact your goals and help you to determine what adjustments, if any, to make.

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Our Private Wealth Management team
will help you:

  • Evaluate your current situation
  • Set and prioritize your goals
  • Understand your options by explaining them clearly
  • Make informed decisions based on our analysis and
  • Implement your decisions by outlining action steps and facilitating the process
  • Monitor your progress and adjust to new situations
  • Work with your attorney, your accountant and other
    professionals to provide the services you need
  • Partner with others on your Wealth Management team so everyone is collaborating to help you reach your goals
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The benefits of Wealth Planning include:

  • A disciplined and formal plan for addressing financial matters
  • Future and proactive thinking
  • Opportunities to consider what you want from life, identify and prioritize goals, and map out the manageable steps to achieve them
  • A forum to discuss difficult topics regarding your children, parents or spouse
  • The identification of risks, thus minimizing their effects through risk management
  • A framework for feedback, evaluation and control
  • Peace of mind knowing you have established safety nets for your financial affairs
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