My GreenInsights and New Credit Card Features

Regions is ready to help make managing your money easy! Online Banking now has new tools, called My GreenInsights, that offers a simple way to create savings and payoff goals, categorize your transactions and set spending limits, monitor your cash flow and more.

As of January 2013, this new service allows you to see all your finances in one location, including both Regions and non-Regions accounts, so you get a complete picture of your finances. You can even set up alerts regarding your spending, budget and goal progress. To access these new features, simply click the Insights tab. Preview the new tool below.

Also as of January, credit card customers have enhanced options including the ability to pay your account online from a non-Regions account and alerts specially designed to help you monitor your credit card account.

As we continue to improve your online experience and focus on the services that are most beneficial to you, we have discontinued our Telephone Banking Bill Payment service as of December 31st, 2012. You can still pay bills when you are away from your computer by speaking directly with a Regions banker. You can also use our Mobile site and apps to pay bills, or make transfers between accounts using our automated system 24 hours a day.

Additionally, as of January 31st, 2013, only checking accounts can be used to fund bill payments. Anytime you need to use the funds in your savings account to pay a bill, simply transfer the funds into your checking account.

Regions Online Banking Enhancement Details
In connection with these updates, we have amended our Electronic Banking Agreement & Disclosure Statement. For detailed terms and conditions covering the service, please review this agreement.

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