Online & Mobile Banking Security

Everyday, more and more people report fraud schemes that are designed to illegally obtain personal identity and/or financial information. Our Service Agreement outlines the specific guarantees as well as your responsibilities to ensure that your information is protected.

How Regions Protects Your Online & Mobile Banking Security:

  • We use the latest technology to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information. Advances in security technology occur frequently, and Regions continually evaluates our security environment to ensure that it provides the highest level of privacy and safety for our customers. Our Privacy & Security pages outlines the steps we take to keep your information secure.
  • We use additional layers of authentication to verify your identity when you log in. Regions uses a security feature called Intelligent Authentication. Along with your Online ID and Password, Intelligent Authentication uses a variety of information, attributes, and behaviors to verify your identity before permitting you to successfully log in to your account information. If the system detects an unusual pattern with your login, you will be prompted to answer one of your Security Questions. You must answer this question correctly before being allowed to continue logging in to your online or mobile banking account.
  • Privacy: Your personal information is carefully protected. We will not sell or share your personal information with outside companies that want to sell you their products or services. The Regions Privacy Pledge explains your privacy rights and how we protect your confidential information.
  • Secure Sessions: To prevent unauthorized access to your online or mobile banking accounts when you're not using your computer or mobile device, your Online or Mobile Banking session automatically signs off after 10 minutes. It is best to sign-off or close your browser after completing your online or mobile banking session.

How to Protect Yourself:

  • Protect your Online ID and Password. Never share your Online ID or Password with anyone. Do not save your Password in your browser.
  • Never share your Security Questions and Answers. If our system detects an unusual pattern with your login, you will be prompted with one of these questions. You must answer correctly before logging in; helping to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your account.
  • Keep anti-virus software up to date and install regular system updates. This will help protect your computer from receiving viruses; leaving your information vulnerable to compromise. Read more on this topic.
  • Review your account statements every month. If you find a transaction that you did not authorize, you must tell us within 60 days of the date that your statement was delivered.
  • Call immediately.  If you believe that your Online ID and Password has been lost or stolen, call us at 1-800-734-4667. Also, if you receive an email asking you to provide your Regions Online ID, Password, Social Security or any other personal information, please contact us immediately. We will never ask for your personal information through an email. We also ask that you forward the suspicious email to phishing@regions.com.