Understanding Your Overdraft Options*

We understand that life is busy. From time to time, anyone can lose track of how much money is available in their checking or money market account. Regions wants you to know that when you get caught short of funds, you have options. Regions has services to help you when you need available funds – Regions Overdraft Protection and Standard Overdraft Coverage. Both services may be available to eligible accounts.

Overdraft Protection
With Regions Overdraft Protection, your checking account is linked to an eligible designated funding account at Regions, such as a savings account, credit card account, or a line of credit. If you choose to enroll in Overdraft Protection, we may use the amount available for Overdraft Protection in the funding account to authorize and pay debit card and ATM transactions on the checking account that otherwise might be declined or cause an overdraft on the checking account. We also may use available funds in the linked funding account to pay check and ACH items on the checking account that would otherwise be paid into overdraft or returned for a fee. We generally transfer amounts from the designated funding account to the checking account in increments of $100. If the amount available for ODP in the funding account is less than $100, or the amount available for ODP in the funding account is less than the $100 increment that otherwise would be transferred to cover the amount of the overdraft, we will transfer the full amount of amount available for ODP in the funding account to the checking account. If the checking account still has an insufficient available balance to pay an overdraft item even after we advance available funds from the funding account, we may return the item or pay it into overdraft and charge a fee (we will not charge a fee for everyday CheckCard transactions if you have not opted in to Standard Overdraft Coverage for those transactions). A transfer fee of up to $15 will be charged to the checking account each day that a transfer occurs.

Additional rules and fees on the various Overdraft Protection options are noted in the applicable customer agreements covering deposit accounts, credit cards, and credit lines. Transfers from another deposit account may be subject to transaction limits and excessive withdrawal fees. Funds advanced from a credit line or credit card account will accrue interest at the interest rate provided in the agreement for that account. Credit lines and credit cards are subject to credit approval. Visit your nearest branch, call 1-800-REGIONS or log onto online banking to set up overdraft protection.

Standard Overdraft Coverage
Regions Standard Overdraft Coverage is a service we provide on many checking accounts that may cover transactions if you overdraw the available funds in your account. If we make Standard Overdraft Coverage available to you, we may pay your check, ACH, and recurring debit card transactions even if you don't have sufficient available balance in your account, which may result in an overdraft fee. If you opt in to Standard Overdraft Coverage for ATM and everyday Checkcard transactions, we may authorize and pay your ATM and non-recurring debit card transactions into overdraft. Our Paid Overdraft Item (and Returned Item) fee is $36 and is subject to change.

If you decide you do not want Standard Overdraft Coverage for ATM and everyday Checkcard transactions, your Checkcard and ATM transactions will be declined when your available balance is insufficient to cover the transaction. This will not prevent all overdrafts – it means we will decline to authorize transactions at the point of sale or withdrawal if the money is not available at the time of the transaction.

Information about Regions Standard Overdraft Coverage
  • Paid Overdraft Item fee is $36 and is subject to change. Fees may be imposed for any debit transaction that causes your account to be overdrawn, including by check, in-person or ATM withdrawal, CheckCard, or withdrawal/transfer by any other manual or electronic means.
  • We reserve the right to require you to pay any overdraft immediately or upon demand. We also reserve the right not to pay overdrafts. We typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, you are not making regular deposits, or you have too many overdrafts.
  • For more information, please refer to the disclosure above titled "What You Need To Know About Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees".

* The information and disclosures on this page are applicable only to Regions personal banking customers. The Regions SafeGuard Checking account (currently available only in select markets) is subject to special terms and conditions regarding overdraft options, and those terms and conditions may differ from the information provided on this page and on pages that are linked to this page. SafeGuard Checking customers should refer to the terms and disclosures for the SafeGuard Checking account or talk to a Regions banker for information about overdraft options for SafeGuard Checking.
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