With Regions Online Banking we provide you two convenient ways to link your Regions accounts to your Quicken® software and manage your finances 24 hours a day. The two options available to you are Web Connect and Direct Connect.

Web Connect provides you with one-way connectivity which allows you to automatically download transactions and match them with existing transactions.

Direct Connect provides you with two-way connectivity which allows you to automatically download transactions and match them with existing transactions, pay bills, transfer funds, and send messages from the convenience of your personal financial management software.

Web Connect (Regions Bank - Web Connect)
If you want to download transactions without the ability to perform bill payments or fund transfers, you will want to use the Web Connect feature.

To download your transactions via Web Connect you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Simply login to Regions Online Banking.
  2. On the Account Summary page choose Download to Desktop Software (located just above and to the right of the list of accounts).
  3. In the Select a Format dropdown box, select the personal financial management software that you are using.
  4. Choose the accounts that you want to download your balance and transactions for by clicking on the radio button next to the account.
  5. In the Select a Time Frame section, designate the time frame for which you would like to download transactions.
  6. Click Submit and follow the on-screen instructions.


Direct Connect (Regions Bank - Direct Connect)

How Do I Enroll?
If you are an existing Regions Online Banking customer, you will simply need to log into Regions Online Banking and select the Customer Service tab. Once on this tab, select the Enroll for Quicken or QuickBooks link and carefully review the information on the screen. Then choose the appropriate software application from the list and submit the request.

If you are a new customer, you must first enroll in Regions Online Banking. Once you have completed the enrollment process, simply follow the instructions outlined above.

Getting Started with Quicken®



    Quicken Regions Online Banking

Obtain current account balances and statements

Reconcile accounts

Automatically download transactions into Quicken

Transfer funds between accounts

Pay bills online

Regions Online Banking, Regions' own online banking service, lets you check account balances and transfer funds between accounts. You can even subscribe to our Bill Pay feature and pay bills online.






Software Requirements Current year's version or two prior years No software required