Updates to Regions Relationship Rewards!

As a participant in the Regions Relationship® Rewards program, we're confident you have discovered the benefits it offers. Effective May 8, 2017, we've made some updates, including a new Relationship Rewards program website and the following redemption options we think you'll enjoy:

  • Online travel reservations - We have introduced an online travel reservation service. You'll be able to store your travel profile information, including credit card, passport and passenger details for future reservations.
  • Vacation booking by phone with our new Customer Service team - You may also make reservations for cruises and other travel experiences by calling Customer Support at 1-877-883-0599.

Here are the key points you need to know:

  • The new Relationship Rewards program website is now available through Regions Online Banking. You are no longer able to log in directly to the rewards program website through regions.com. However, you can still visit the rewards program website after you log in to Regions Online Banking.

    Not yet enrolled in Regions Online Banking? You can enroll online; it's easy to get set up, and there's no charge. Visit regions.com/onlinebanking to learn more.
  • We are asking that you re-designate any Authorized Users as part of the update. Prior to May 8, if you had designated another person as an Authorized User who could redeem points on your behalf, please call Customer Support at 1-877-883-0599 to add back any Authorized User. Also, Authorized Users are no longer able to redeem points through the program website, but instead will need to call Customer Support to redeem points.

In connection with these updates, some of the provisions of the Relationship Rewards Terms and Conditions have changed effective May 8, 2017. A description of these chages can be found below. Please keep this message with your records for the Relationships Rewards program.

We hope that these updates enhance your experience with the Regions Relationship Rewards program. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please call Customer Support at 1-877-883-0599 or visit regions.com/relationshiprewards.

As always, thanks you for being a valued Regions Relationship Rewards customer.

The following changes to the Terms and Conditions ("T&Cs") for the Regions Relationship Rewards program (the "program") are effective May 8, 2017:

  • You no longer may access the Program Website directly from the web page for the Program on regions.com. Instead, you must log in to Regions Online Banking to access the Program Website. Section 11 of the T&Cs is revised to state:

    11. Use of Program Website. The Administrator operates the Program Website, which you can access by logging in to Regions Online Banking and clicking on the Regions Relationship Rewards link located on the web page that provides an overview of your accounts. As provided more fully in the agreement for Regions Online Banking, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of any online ID, password, personal code, or other credentials that are selected by or issued to you to access Regions Online Banking. The Program Website provides additional information regarding the Program and also gives you access to your Rewards Account.
  • The fifth and sixth paragraphs in Section 6 are revised to state:

    You can redeem Points for most Rewards only if your Rewards Account shows that you have the required number of Points for that particular Reward. For certain Rewards, we may offer you the option to redeem using a combination of Points and dollars or using only dollars. If we choose to make this option available for any particular Reward, the Points and/or dollars required to redeem will be provided with the description of that Reward. When you redeem Points for a Reward, we will subtract the number of Points required for the Reward from your total accumulated Points balance as shown on your Rewards Account. We will subtract older Points balance as shown on your Rewards Account. We will subtract older Points before subtracting more recently awarded Points. Points that have not yet been credited to your Rewards Account are not available and cannot be redeemed for Rewards. You may redeem your Points for only those Rewards described in the catalog on the Program website or in any electronic updates to the catalog that we may send you from time to time. Points have no cash value, cannot be bought or sold, and except as provided in Section 12, cannot be transferred.

    All Rewards are subject to availability. Certain restrictions and fees may apply, including restrictions on the types of payments that may be used for fees and for redemptions using dollars. Any fees and restrictions on payment types will be disclosed prior to redemption. Regions and the Administrator may substitute, withdraw, change, discontinue, temporarily suspend, terminate, or replace any Reward for any reason at any time without notice to you. Neither the Administrator, Suppliers, nor Regions guarantees or represents that any specific Reward will be available for any particular length of time. Neither the Administrator, Suppliers, nor Regions will be responsible for errors, omissions, or delays in the handling or delivery of Rewards.
  • The fourth paragraph in Section 9 is revised to state:

    In the event we termintate the Program or each of your Accounts is closed (whether by you or us), within the 90 days following termination or Account closing you may redeem any Points that have been credited to your Rewards Account according to these Terms and Conditions. You will forfeit any Points that you do not redeem within these 90 days. In the event you terminate your participation in the Program, you will immediately forfeit any Points that have been credited to your Rewards Account.
  • Section 12 is revised to state:

    12. Assignment. You may not transfer or assign your Points or any other Program benefits. We have no obligation to allow you to assign or otherwise transfer your Points or any other Program benefits. If we choose to offer you the option to transfer any Points or other Program benefits, any transfer will be subject to our terms and conditions for the assignment.