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Our Promise

Regions and AmSouth are merging to create the new Regions. It is time to expect more. Yes, we are in the business of banking. But we are also in the business of life. And while our financial solutions will help you get more from your money, it is our mission to help you get more out of life.


Watch for the new Regions logo.

The sign of good things to come!

Starting immediately, you値l see our new logo just about everywhere:

  • Throughout the new, you will notice the new Regions logo and the new life green color, designed to reflect our new brand.
  • In advertising to highlight new account offerings and unusual values.
  • On your new credit cards and CheckCards as a symbol of extra benefits and expanded convenience to come.
  • On your branches and ATMs. We値l let you know when our combined banking network will become available to you.


Here痴 why you値l like the new Regions

  • More Convenience: After our companies are fully combined, you値l have access to more than 2,000 branches and 2,400 ATMs in 16 states. Plus, you値l have expanded service online, by phone and in person.
  • Easy Transition: You can keep the same accounts, checks, PINs and more.
  • More Choices: Right now, you can open any of our great new accounts and add special benefits and rewards.
  • Renewed Commitment To You: You池e the focus of everything we do. At the new Regions, we池e dedicated to making your financial life better for you. And we値l prove it every day.