Winning Essay by Alexis M., Western Kentucky University

My mother has been such an inspiration to me. She’s so strong, smart, courageous, compassionate, beautiful, and loving. Honestly, the list goes on. I am inspired by her because she had me at a young age, and since that time she has always been able to provide for her family.

Growing up, my mom had two jobs because she wanted to make sure everything was taken care of. At the time, my grandmother and my aunt lived with us to help raise me while my mom provided for the family. The job that overshadowed the other was the military. When my mom would deploy, I would be taken care of by my grandmother and my aunt.

Several years later, she decided to get out of the military and focus more on the family. So, she got married and had two children. She decided to be a stay-at-home mom for a while, which meant her attention was focused primarily on the family. This is so inspiring because many mothers would have chosen a different route; however, my mom wanted the best for my siblings and me so she spent many years putting her life on hold to make sure that we were okay. Now, she is back working and she still is making sure that everyone is okay, whether that be colleagues at work or family in general.

My mom is so nurturing and kind, and she also makes sure that the people around her are taken care of. These qualities are not the only reason that she has inspired me. Another reason I am inspired by this woman is because of her faith. She seeks God first. For most of my life, my mom has taught me to put God first and seek Him. She always tells me of how He is our strength and His love is everlasting. To this day, she always reminds me of this. She is probably the most God-fearing woman I know. Also, she is not the type to just speak of God, but she lives her life in adoration to please Him. I have seen my mom’s faith transform her in ways that I did not know were possible. For the last decade of her life, I have seen her at a low point. Yet, she did not let this obstacle defeat her. She trusted and believed in God to get her through it, and He did. I am a witness of this, and it has helped shape my relationship with God. Because of her strong faith, I constantly fight to be the woman that God wants me to be.

I would not be the woman I am without my mom. She has helped mold me into who I am. Because of who she is, I will forever be grateful that she is in my life, and that she is the woman that God granted me with to be my mother. I admire her, and truly believe she is my angel sent from above.


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