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You’ve been pre-selected for a Business Line of Credit for up to
Available until August 7, 2018.

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As a valued Regions customer, your business has been pre-selected* for an unsecured Regions Business Line of Credit. Our flexible terms and competitive rates can help you pursue your next big idea, expand your space, purchase inventory and more.

Up to

  • Line provides up to $50,000 in credit
  • Use the line for virtually any business expense

Flexible terms
and competitive rates

  • Take advantage of variable rates as low as Prime + 2.50%, (currently 7.50%). Receive a .25% discount when your monthly payment is automatically debited from your Regions Checking Account.
  • You'll also have the option to convert all or a portion of your balance to a fixed rate with our loan in a line feature
  • Use your Regions Business Line to provide Overdraft Protection to your Regions Business Checking Account

Convenient ways
to access your line

  • Visit Regions Online Banking
  • Stop by any Regions branch
  • Use your complimentary checks to make payments and purchases

To get started, confirm your account information at A Regions banker will contact you within 2 business days. To get more information about this offer, be sure to respond by August 7, 2018.

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Important information about this offer:

* Pre-selected means your business meets Regions' initial selection criteria, but the offered line of credit is subject to final credit review and approval. If approved, the amount of the line and the variable interest rate for it will be based on a number of factors, including the credit history of the business and its owners/guarantors.

† See below for a summary of the features and pricing for the Business Line of Credit.

The following summarizes certain features and costs of the Regions Business Line of Credit. Each Line is governed by the Regions Business Line Agreement provided to the business at the time the Line is opened. Please carefully review the Summary below. Regions may change the interest rates, fees, and other terms as provided in the Regions Business Line Agreement. This information is accurate as of June 14, 2018, but may have changed since that date. To find out what may have changed, contact your local banker.

Summary of Features and Pricing

  • Convenient Access via Checks, Regions Online Banking or In-Branch Advances
  • Option to use Line for Overdraft Protection to Regions Business Checking Account
  • $175 Loan Documentation Fee (Does not apply in KY, MO, VA)
  • No Origination Fee
  • $150 Annual Fee assessed on first statement and each year thereafter
  • $250 Prepayment Penalty if line is closed and paid in full in first 3 years
  • Late Fee: 5% of payment with $10 minimum
  • No Maturity Date, but balance is payable in full if line is closed
  • Lines have variable rates as low as Prime + 2.50%, currently 7.50%
  • Annual interest rate will be 0.25% lower with auto-debited payments
  • Fixed rate "loan in a line" conversion option:
    • Part or all of the balance owed on the Line may be converted to a fixed rate and repaid over a fixed term
    • Minimum amount eligible for each conversion is $5,000
    • Term for any balance converted to a fixed rate is 3 years
    • $100 conversion fee applies each time fixed rate option is exercised
    • Line may have up to 10 fixed rate balances at any time
  • Minimum Payment on variable rate balance: 2% of the outstanding balance, with a minimum payment of $250