Regions is here to help.

Our community has recently been affected by Hurricane Ida, and Regions is committed to helping our neighbors in this time of need. So we’re offering the following support to help you1 (see full list of included zip codes below):

  • No check-cashing fee for FEMA-issued checks when cashed in a branch2
  • Regions Mortgage Disaster Relief Purchase and Renovation loan programs
  • Personal and business loan payment assistance may be available3
  • Regions fees will be waived when our customers use other banks’ ATMs in the affected area for at least 15 days (fees charged by other banks and ATM owners still apply)
  • One penalty-free CD withdrawal upon request (unless within 7 days of issuance or renewal)
  • A discount of 0.50% on new personal unsecured loans when you apply online, in a branch or by phone.
  • Business loan payment deferrals of up to 90 days may be available3
  • Payment deferrals for credit card holders may be available3
  • A discount of 0.50% on standard rates for new business loans/lines of credit up to $1 million to help with recovery needs for those in affected area4
  • A discount of 0.50% on new unsecured business term loans up to $50,000 with up to 36-month term including waived origination/loan document fees and options for first payment to be deferred up to 90 days4

As your bank, Regions will do our best to provide convenient services to keep your finances on track during this time of recovery. And as your neighbor, we’re here to help move life forward so our community can come back stronger than ever.

Talk to your Regions Banker or call the numbers below to find out more about any of these services. A dedicated team is available to assist you.

  • Mortgages, home equity loans and lines: 1-800-748-9498
  • Other consumer loans: 1-866-298-1113
  • Any other banking needs: 1-800-411-9393

Regions Bank and the nonprofit Regions Foundation stand in support of people and businesses recovering from Ida's impacts. Read more here.

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