Ways to help protect you against fraud

As a Regions card customer, your account includes a variety of fraud-fighting features.

We’ve improved this system by adding automatic alerts to a wide range of cards, including the Regions Visa credit card, debit card, ATM card, Now card, and home equity line of credit (HELOC) Platinum card. Here’s how these alerts work:

Get notified right away about suspicious activity.
If we see something suspicious or decline a transaction that appears fraudulent, we may text, email and/or call you to determine whether you authorized the transaction.

Speak directly to a fraud specialist.
Respond via call, text or email to confirm whether you authorized the suspicious transaction. If not, Regions will connect you with a dedicated fraud specialist for more information.

Add us to your contacts.
To ensure you’re getting these communications, please add us to your contacts.

Personal Credit Card accounts

  • Texts will come from 30438
  • Emails will come from cardalerts@notification.regions.com

Business Credit Card accounts

  • Texts will come from 39199
  • Emails will come from cardalerts@notification.regions.com

Debit Card, ATM Card, Now Card or HELOC Platinum Card Accounts 

  • Texts will come from 42850
  • Emails will come from cardalerts@notification.regions.com

Personal Checks Made Payable to Others

  • Texts will come from 90642
  • Emails will come from checkmonitoring@notification.regions.com

These security features are automatic; there is no need to register. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-REGIONS (1-800-734-4667) or stop by any Regions branch.

We can provide these alerts only if you have provided your telephone number and/or email address, and we can provide alerts via text or phone call only if you have not opted out of communications via these methods. We have no obligation to provide alerts to any account, and we may modify or discontinue these alerts at any time and without notice to you. Your carrier’s messaging and data rates may apply to texts and calls.