Important Information For All Offers

Information contained in your consumer report obtained from a consumer reporting agency was used in connection with selecting you for the offer. You received the offer because you satisfied Regions’ selection criteria. The offer is conditioned on: 1) it being determined, based on information you provide to us, that you meet the specific criteria that we have established bearing on your creditworthiness, including sufficient income to make payments on the offered loan or line of credit; 2) verification, by using information in a consumer report on you, information that you provide to us, or other information bearing on your creditworthiness, that you continue to meet the criteria used to select you for the offer; 3) verification of the information you provide to us; 4) your furnishing the required collateral, if the offer is for a secured loan or line of credit; and 5) other conditions indicated in the letter. Regions may refuse to extend the credit described in this offer if (i) you no longer meet the selection criteria, (ii) information in your application is inconsistent with the selection criteria or any applicable criteria bearing on your creditworthiness, (iii) the information that we require you to provide to us cannot be verified, (iv) you do not furnish any required collateral, or (v) you fail to satisfy other applicable conditions described in the letter. The selection criteria include the fact that you had a Checking Account, Savings Account or Mortgage with Regions when you were selected for the offer.