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The science of control meets the art of balance. Introducing artistic cycling, Regions style.

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Regions Bankers Bring Control and Balance to Customers

What is Artistic Cycling?

Artistic cycling is a competitive sport which is relatively unknown in the United States. Ironically, artistic cycling originated in the United States in the 1800s, but it is most popular in Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and Japan. Artistic cycling requires strength, balance, and concentration. The competitors perform a 6-minute program with musical accompaniment in front of judges as well as a live audience.

What Artistic Cycling
Means for Regions

The Regions LifeGreen® cruiser bike has always been a symbol of the positive experience that Regions promises to you. It also represents the control and balance you can expect as a Regions customer. The Regions ad campaign, featuring artistic cyclists who rely on their control and balance, illustrates these points in a way we hope you'll find entertaining.