Business credit card rewards

Would you like to turn your business purchases into points that can be redeemed for cash and other rewards?

With a Regions Visa® Business Enhanced Credit Card[1], your business gets rewarded for its business spending. Each Regions Visa® Business Enhanced credit card is automatically enrolled in the Relationship Rewards program.

  • Earn - With a Regions Visa® Business Enhanced credit card account, your business automatically earns points for all qualifying purchases[2] made with cards issued on its account.
  • Multiply - Want to earn even more points? When your business also has a Regions business checking account, you can register the business in the Business Rewards Multiplier Program.[3] Under this program, Regions awards extra points for qualifying credit card purchases when your business has certain balances in its Regions business deposit accounts. There are no fees to register or participate.
    Learn how Business Rewards Multiplier works. Use our Business Rewards Multiplier calculator to see how much you could earn.
  • Redeem - This is the rewarding part. Browse through the Relationship Rewards Catalog and redeem your Business Rewards points for cash, travel, merchandise or gift cards.

Already have a Regions Visa® Business Enhanced credit card account?
You can redeem business rewards points by logging into Regions Online Banking. On the Accounts Summary page, find the Regions Relationship Rewards box at the bottom. Click on the Redeem Now link. You can also redeem points by calling 1-877-883-0599.

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Apply for the Regions Regions Visa® Business Enhanced credit card. More questions? Call 1-800-734-4667 or visit a Regions Branch.