Business CD

Business CDs offer a competitive rate, and a predictable return. Terms of 7 days to 72 months available.[1],[2]

What you get with a Business CD account

Competitive, fixed rate of return

Flexible terms

FDIC-Insured up to the maximum permitted by law.

Relationship rates for customers who have a Regions checking account and meet other requirements[2]

More account details

  • Monthly fee

    N/A. Please refer to Pricing Schedule for more details about the account.

    Minimum opening deposit

    • $2,500 minimum opening deposit for CDs with terms 7-89 days.
    • $500 for CDs with terms 90 days or longer.

    Early withdrawal penalty

    • Early withdrawal of funds may result in substantial penalty.
  • Available terms

    7 days to 72 months

    Rate is fixed for the term of the CD, but the Relationship Pricing rates[2] are subject to change if the customer does not maintain relationship requirements. Check rates 

    How interest is calculated

    • Compounded daily and paid according to the terms of the CD: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annually or at maturity.
    • If the term is one year or greater, the interest is credited to the account quarterly unless interest disbursements are set up.
    • Interest disbursements allow you to have the interest that your Regions CD earns automatically transferred to your Regions checking, savings or money market account.
  • Can be automatically renewable. At maturity, the CD may renew for the same term automatically at the interest rate established by Regions Bank for your type of deposit at the time of each renewal.

    Easy account access through Online Banking[3]

    Security of FDIC Insurance coverage up to the maximum amount permitted by law.

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