Small Business Loans & Lines of Credit

Small Business Financing

Regions has teamed up with Fundation, legal disclaimer number1 a leading online lender that offers a variety of small business loan and line of credit options. Apply for a business loan or line of credit in less than 10 minutes.

Apply Now

For term loans up to five years and up to $1 million, or lines of credit up to $100,000, complete an online loan application through Fundation. If you need a loan over $1 million, a line of credit over $100,000 or a real estate secured loan, you will be contacted by a Regions Banker within two business days to complete the loan application process via phone.

Business Loans and Lines of Credit Explained

With a business loan, you get the funds in a single lump sum and pay a fixed payment amount each month. With a line of credit, you borrow as little or as much as you need, up to your available credit limit and your payment amount adjusts based on the balance owed. Funds may be borrowed, repaid, and borrowed again.

Who to Contact for Loan Servicing or General Questions

For a business loan or line of credit serviced by Regions, call 1-800-REGIONS (734-4667) or login to your Online Banking account. For questions, loan servicing support and general questions for Fundation, call 1-888-398-0085.

Contact a Regions Banker to explore more products for your business.