Business Premium Money Market Account

A Business Premium Money Market allows you to earn money at market rates plus convenient account access with limited check writing and preauthorized transfers for your business.

  Business Premium Money Market1
This account offers a safe way to earn higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts while retaining access to funds.
Account Benefits
  • Competitive interest rates
  • 24-Hour Automated Telephone Banking
  • 30% Safe Deposit Box rental discount (subject to availability)

Interest Earned

  • Compounded daily, paid monthly on funds in your account for which Regions has received credit

Monthly Fee
(per account)

  • $12 monthly fee. Waived with $5,000 minimum daily balance

Items Deposited

  • No charge for the first 50 items deposited; $0.50 for each additional item over 50 total per statement cycle
Cash Deposit Fee2
  • $10,000 processed at no charge each calendar month; then $0.20 per $100 for additional cash deposits

Statement Options

  • Online Statements (including check images) - No additional charge
  • Check Safekeeping - No additional charge
  • Check Images - No additional charge

Excessive Withdrawal/Item Fee

  • $15 charge per withdrawal, transfer, or payment in excess of 6 per statement cycle.

FDIC Insurance

  • Security of FDIC insurance coverage up to the maximum amount permitted by law. Learn more
How to Apply

All business money market accounts subject to the terms and conditions of the Regions Deposit Agreement. See pricing schedule for additional fees and details.

1. Regulatory limit of six (6) transfers or payments (preauthorized, automatic, by telephone, or from a personal computer), including drafts, checks, debit card, or similar orders (including POS transactions) payable to a third party, from your savings or money market account per statement cycle. The preauthorized or automatic transactions may be initiated by Telephone Banking, Regions Online Banking, or standing order. Limit does not apply to in-person withdrawals or withdrawals at an ATM. Exceeding the regulatory limit on transfers and withdrawals on more than an occasional basis may result in your savings or money market account being converted to a transaction account

2. Cash Deposit fees are calculated each calendar month at month end and then charged on the following statement cycle.  To determine the amount of the fee, we divide the amount of cash deposits that exceed the deposits processed at no charge by $100 and multiply the resulting quotient by the applicable fee.