Dynamic Currency Conversion

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) converts international Visa® and MasterCard® credit card purchases into the cardholder's home currency at the point of sale. A portion of the conversion fee is rebated back to your business by Elavon. Elavon manages the entire conversion process – from direct treasury exchange rates and trans-action processing, to back-end reconciliation, settlement, funding, and support.

With DCC, your international customers will know exactly what their total purchase is in their home currency. Conversion rates are typically much more competitive than those at money exchange booths or hotels. Each receipt shows the purchase in U.S. dollars, the conversion rate, plus the cardholder's home currency amount. This makes it easier for travelers to reconcile purchases when paying card balances. The DCC service converts U.S. dollars into a variety of currencies, including:

  • Euro
  • British pound
  • Japanese yen
  • Canadian dollar
  • Australian dollar

Request information from your local merchant sales representative.