Small Business Banking

The financial prosperity of your small business is not to be taken lightly and neither should the small business banking solutions that are offered to you. Your bank should be stable and reliable, with a solid framework of experience and a time-honored tradition of attending to your business banking needs where and when it's convenient for you. Your bank should make your life simpler and less stressful, anticipating and even helping you avoid obstacles along your financial journey.

Your business bank should allow you the freedom and flexibility to control your own business plan, offering strong guidance to keep you focused and on track. And of course, your bank should provide you with all the tools you need to move your business forward to wherever you want it to go with a variety of banking solutions. Choose from Regions full spectrum of banking solutions financial products and services designed to maximize your business banking potential with minimum effort from you. Expect nothing less from Regions for your business banking needs.

Checking   Savings
  Offering you the right checking account for your business.     Consider the opportunity to earn interest on your business deposits.
CDs   Merchant Card Processing
  Regions offers a variety of Business CD products to meet your financial needs.     A payment processing solution that meets your business needs.
Cash Management   Regions Online Banking Business Services
  For the business that requires additional money management and reporting.     Enroll in the cash management tools you need to help you better manage daily finances keeping your business one step ahead.
Regions Business Visa CheckCard   Paycor Payroll and HR Services
  A fast and secure way to make your business purchases, simplify your recordkeeping and much more!     Simplify your payroll & HR with Paycor's all-in-one solution to help companies better manage employee payroll and personal reporting.
Regions Loyalty Cards   Audit Confirmations
  The Regions Loyalty Card is a prepaid card available in bulk you can use to reward employees or customers. Let them know you appreciate them.     Offering convenient options for submitting audit confirmation requests.
Regions CashCOR®   Regions At Work
  As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to operate your business more efficiently. The Regions CashCOR process is designed to help small business owners like you uncover opportunities to optimize your cash cycle.

    A no cost Financial Education seminar program to build the financial future of your employees.

Business Switch Kit
We've made it easier than ever before to switch to Regions Bank's banking solutions with our "Business Banking Switch Kit". We've taken the hassle out of moving your checking account from your old bank with step-by-step instructions and simple-to-complete forms.

See the current Regions Deposit Agreement.