QuickBooks - First Time Downloading

The first time you use online account access, we recommend that you connect just to download transactions. This will enable you to update your register before doing other online tasks.

  1. From the Online menu, choose Online Banking and then choose Online Banking Center.
  2. Select your financial institution.
  3. Make sure each of your requests for a new QuickStatement is checked, then select Send. For subsequent connections, you may want to clear some checkmarks. For example, if you already downloaded a QuickStatement on a particular day, you may want to clear that checkmark if you send online payment or transfer instructions later in the day.
  4. Enter the required PIN information, then click OK. Then simply connect to the Internet and download the selected QuickStatement.
  5. You can then view your online account balance and your QuickStatements

You can also refer to the Help Menu offered with your QuickBooks software.