Regions Insurance Disclosures

Important information about Regions Insurance.

Regions Insurance Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Regions Insurance Group, Inc. and its parent, Regions Financial Corporation ("RFC"). Insurance products and annuities available through Regions Insurance Services are underwritten, and quotes therefore and agency services in connection therewith may be provided, by third-party companies and underwriters that are unaffiliated with Regions Financial Corporation and their affiliates and that are solely responsible for their own contractual obligations and financial condition (any such company or underwriter, an "Unaffiliated Party"). Regions Financial Corporation nor its subsidiaries warrant or guarantee the reliability of, or are responsible for any information provided by, such Unaffiliated Parties, notwithstanding that such Unaffiliated Parties may utilize or display the Regions Insurance Services name in the course of providing information, products or services, and any information provided by an applicant to such Unaffiliated Parties may be subject to the privacy and information-sharing and security policies and procedures of such Unaffiliated Parties and not those of Regions Financial Corporation and its subsidiaries. No representation is made that any research will be conducted to obtain any insurance products or annuities at the best available price or upon the best available coverage terms. Regions Insurance Services, Inc. receives compensation from products or services that you may purchase from said Unaffiliated Parties. No information contained herein or provided by or through Regions Insurance Services is intended to constitute legal, tax or accounting advice, and a qualified advisor should be consulted for advice with respect to any specific circumstances. All insurance products and annuities may not be available in all states, and some applicants may not qualify for certain insurance products.

Insurance products and annuities (i) are not bank deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed by Regions Bank, RFC, or any of their affiliates, and (ii) are not insured by the FDIC, or any other agency of the United States, or by Regions Bank, RFC, or any of their affiliates. There may be investment risk associated with certain insurance products or annuities, including the possible loss of value.

Regions Bank may not condition an extension of credit or the provision of other services on either (i) the purchase of an insurance product through Regions Bank or any of its affiliates, or (ii) an agreement not to obtain, or a prohibition on obtaining, an insurance product from an entity not affiliated with Regions Bank.

Any links for insurance quotes provided at the Regions Insurance Services website are strictly for convenience. If you click a link for an insurance quote, you may leave the Regions Insurance Services website and enter an external website maintained and operated by, and under the control of, an Unaffiliated Party (any such website, an "Unaffiliated Website"). The Unaffiliated Party operating such Unaffiliated Website is responsible for all information, quotations and services provided through the Unaffiliated Website, although a Regions Insurance Services company may appear as agent or agency of record on certain insurance policies written through use of the Unaffiliated Website. Neither RFC, Regions Bank nor their affiliates (i) control or are responsible for the content, product and services provided by the Unaffiliated Party through the Unaffiliated Website, (ii) endorse or guarantee the products, information, or recommendations provided by the Unaffiliated Party through the Unaffiliated Website, or (iii) are liable for any failure of the products or services available from or through the Unaffiliated Party on or through the Unaffiliated Website. An Unaffiliated Party's privacy and information-sharing and security policies and procedures, as well as those of insurance underwriters contacted by the Unaffiliated Party, are distinct from those of Regions Bank, RFC and their affiliates, and an Unaffiliated Website may not be as secure as the websites of Regions Bank, RFC and their affiliates.

When you furnish any information to Regions Insurance Services, any Unaffiliated Party or their respective representatives in connection with your request for any insurance proposals or quotes, you authorize Regions Insurance Services, the Unaffiliated Party, and their respective representatives to disclose such information to third-party insurance underwriters and service providers, whether affiliated or unaffiliated, in order to respond to your request.