High Yield CDs

Regions Bank Business High Yield CDs (Certificates of Deposit) are a great way to save with little risk involved. In fact, they are one of our highest-yielding, FDIC-insured savings tools and their flexible features put you in total control.

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  Regions Regular Business CD
Balance Required to Open
  • For CDs with terms 90 days or longer - $5001
  • For CDs with terms 7-89 days - $2,5001
  • For available rates and terms, enter your zip code in the box above.
Account Benefits
  • Regions CDs can be automatically renewable. At maturity, the CD may renew for the same term automatically at the market rate at that time.
  • Competitive fixed rate of interest
  • Rate is fixed for the term of the CD
  • Flexible terms – 7 days to 72 months
  • Account maintenance is easy with Regions Online Banking
  • Security of FDIC Insurance coverage up to the maximum amount permitted by law
  • Customers with a checking account may qualify for a premium (Relationship) interest rate on the CD2
Interest Earned
  • Compounded daily and paid according to the terms on the CD:  Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or at maturity. 
  • If the term is one year or greater, the interest is credited to the account quarterly unless interest disbursements are set up.
Interest Tiers
  • Rate is fixed for the term of the CD, but Relationship Pricing rates are subject to change if customer does not maintain relationship requirements2
Bank where, when, and how you like
  • Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Regions Online Banking or 1-800-REGIONS
  • Visit any one of our 1,630 branches in 15 states
How to Apply

1. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal. See account disclosure for details.

2. If you are a Regions business checking customer, you may qualify to earn a special relationship interest rate on certain time deposit accounts ("TimeDeposits") and certificates of deposit ("Certificates"). The requirements for a relationship interest rate (the "Relationship Requirements") are as follows: (i) you must be a Business/Community Banking customer as defined by Regions and as indicated in Regions’ records, (ii) the Time Deposit/Certificate must have a term or renewal term, as applicable, of at least 32 days, (iii) the primary or secondary owner on the Time Deposit/Certificate must be the primary or secondary owner on a Regions business checking account in good standing and (iv) the checking account must be and remain open during the entire Time Deposit/Certificate term or renewal term, as applicable. Please note that IRA Time Deposits and Certificates, deposits by public entities, brokered deposits,deposits by Commercial Banking customers as defined by Regions and as indicated in Regions’ records, and deposits by financial institutions are not eligible for relationship Interest rates. Fees could reduce your earnings on account.