Vault Services

Are you seeking to streamline high-volume cash deposits or large change orders? If so, Regions Vault Services provide a more efficient means of deposit processing and cash order fulfillment. Vault Services ensure adequate inventory is maintained to meet your cash and coin order needs, and also provide added security and reduce your exposure to loss.

Vault Remote Cash Capture
Manually managing the flow of currency can slow cash flow and represents a significant security risk.  Cash-intensive operations either need to deposit cash at a local branch, entrust an employee to make cash deposits or pay for a service provider to handle cash deposits.  With Regions Vault Remote Cash Capture, you can automatically transmit deposit totals electronically from each business location, streamlining your cash handling operations.


  • Increase security and employee safety
  • Improve cash flow and funds availability - benefit from next-day credit
  • Reduce cash management costs
  • Receive credit for currency still in your stores
  • Eliminate geographic constraints - bring the branch to your location
  • Decrease the potential for employee theft

Are Vault Services right for your business?
If you require next-day credit for your cash-intensive business or are seeking a safer, more efficient means of depositing cash, Regions Vault Services will streamline cash management and help improve cash flow.





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