Regions Bank Deposit Guidelines

Treasury Management

Regions has developed new bank deposit guidelines to serve our business customers more efficiently. Please follow these easy guidelines to help us process your deposits faster, provide better security, reduce the possibility of errors and help you avoid delays and higher service fees.

How to Prepare Check and Money Order Deposits:

  1. Ensure all items have been endorsed correctly.
  2. Arrange checks and money orders so they’re facing the same direction.
  3. Place checks in front and money orders in back and run an adding machine tab.
  4. Bundle checks and money orders in the same order as listed on the adding machine tape and secure with rubber bands.
  5. Place the adding machine tape on top.

How to Prepare Currency and Coin Deposits:

  1. Group bills by denomination in groups of 100 bills and secure with paper straps. (Standard, white Federal Reserve straps are preferred.)
  2. For partial groups, bundle bills in order of lowest to highest denomination and secure with a rubber band.
  3. Place all loose coins in an envelope.

How to Prepare Deposit Tickets:

  1. Use preprinted and encoded deposit tickets.
  2. Include the following information on deposit tickets:
    • Company name
    • Store number (location ID)
    • MICR line
  3. Fill out deposit tickets to include:
    • Date
    • Total for coin and currency, in the appropriate fields
    • Total of all checks
    • Total of coin, currency and checks
    • Amount of total deposit

How to Prepare Deposit Bags:

  1. Night/day depository:
    • Use clear, tamper-resistant, dual-pocket poly bags.
    • Place coin and currency in the upper pocket and checks and money orders in the lower pocket.
    • Verify that the amount of cash and checks matches the amount on the deposit slip.
    • Include one deposit slip in the bag and make sure it is visible.
    • Follow the directions provided to securely seal the bag.
  2. In-person deposits:
    • Deliver branch deposits in bags that are in good condition and easy for Regions associates to open.
    • Follow the guidelines for separating checks/money orders, currency and coin described above.

When your deposit is well prepared, we can serve you better and more efficiently, ensure improved security and reduce the possibility of errors and delays. Thank you for helping us provide you with the best possible deposit experience.