Collecting Funds

Treasury Management

Regions Treasury Management Services offers a variety of payment collection solutions to help your company streamline internal operations and improve cash flow management.

  • Regions Quick Deposit® - Eliminate daily trips to the bank. Deposit checks directly into your Regions business account legal disclaimer number1 at your convenience using your mobile device legal disclaimer number2 or computer. Learn more.
  • Lockbox Services - Lighten the load on your accounting and bookkeeping staff and increase working capital by processing deposits faster. Learn more.
  • Regions BillerXchange® - Replace paper bills, invoices and statements with a cost-effective, online billing and payment platform and reduce payment delivery time, while providing your customers with efficient digital payment options. Learn more.
  • ACH Origination - Collect payments without creating, printing or sending invoices by simply moving funds to your accounts electronically. Learn more.
  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) - Automatically transfer deposits from subaccounts to primary accounts, and use Funds Distributor feature to transfer money into the primary account as needed. Learn more.
  • Wire Transfers - Accept large payments in domestic and foreign currencies, settle large transactions quickly and reduce borrowing costs. Learn more.