Accelerate receivables and improve efficiency

Regions Lockbox Services collect payments into a client’s business or commercial account in order to speed deposit processing and to relieve bookkeeping workload.


  • Reallocation of resources – Labor-intensive payment processing is eliminated, allowing those resources to be redeployed elsewhere.
  • Improved cash flow – Accelerating the collection process increases your working capital and allows faster access to the funds.
  • Enhanced payment processing – Payments are processed quicker and errors are reduced.
  • Better security and safety – Improve security by separating invoicing and receiving functions along with disaster recovery coverage by Regions contingency operations.

Wholesale Lockbox

Does your company process high-dollar, low-volume transactions where expedited mail and collection float are needed for investing or other business purposes? If so, Regions Wholesale Lockbox Services can provide a cost-effective solution, where collection and posting are accelerated and your cash flow improved.

Retail Lockbox

Does your company process a high volume of low-dollar consumer-to-corporate remittances or have a regular payment flow with monthly or multiple billing cycles throughout the month? Regions Retail Lockbox can provide an effective, accurate and automated method of processing your receivables. The Regions Retail Lockbox solution provides integration among paper-based payments, electronic payments and third-party payment services.

Online Services

Need to accept online payments? Regions offers an online payment solution suitable for all organizations that will enable you to accept online payments via credit card or ACH (Automated Clearing House) e-Check. All payments are easily managed through an online portal.

Regions LockboxIQ allows you to quickly and easily view and manage your Wholesale and Retail Lockbox deposits associated checks and document images.

  • Review batch summary and detail information
  • View digital images of checks and associated documents as they are updated throughout the day
  • Generate and save custom reports in PDF or CSV formats
  • View historical information


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For more information, contact your Regions Relationship Manager or Treasury Management Officer.