Regions Quick Deposit®

Streamline your business check deposit process and improve cash flow with Regions Quick Deposit®.

Scan and deposit checks directly into your business account[1] from your home or office using a special scanner connected to your computer. Get faster access to funds and enjoy these great benefits:

  • Deposit One or Multiple Checks
    Scan and capture multiple checks for a single deposit, review check totals and make any necessary error corrections before submitting the complete deposit to the bank. You also have the ability to review your deposited check images up to 45 days after they are deposited.
  • Increase Working Capital & Improve Cash Flow
    With the flexibility and convenience of an extended deposit deadline, you have more time to make additional deposits, allowing funds to be available a full day earlier.[2]
  • Centralize Deposits for Multiple Locations
    For companies with more than one location, Regions Quick Deposit allows multiple users to make check deposits from various locations through one single database.

Eliminate time-consuming trips to the bank.

  • Deposit checks 24/7 from anywhere in the U.S.
  • Submit checks before 8 p.m. CT for same-day ledger credit[2]
  • Deposit multiple checks for a single deposit
  • Process daily checks at your convenience
  • Check totals and make error corrections before submitting the deposit to the bank
  • Review your deposited check images[3]
  • Research payments and access reports[4]

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