Vault Services

Help improve cash flow and funds availability, reduce cash management costs and reduce your exposure to loss with Regions Vault Services.

Regions Vault Remote Cash Capture

Managing high-volume cash deposits manually represents a significant security risk. Cash-intensive operations need to deposit cash at a local branch, entrust an employee to make cash deposits or pay for a service provider to handle cash deposits. With Regions Vault Remote Cash Capture®, you can streamline your cash handling operations by automatically transmitting deposits electronically from each of your business locations. 


  • Ensure adequate cash and coin inventory is on hand
  • Increase security and employee safety
  • Improve cash flow and funds availability and benefit from next-day credit
  • Reduce cash management costs
  • Receive credit for currency that's still in your stores
  • Eliminate geographic constraints - bring the branch to your location
  • Decrease the potential for employee theft

Are Vault Services right for your business?

If you require next-day credit for your cash-intensive business or are seeking a safer, more efficient means of depositing cash, Regions Vault Services streamlines cash management and help improve cash flow.


For more information, contact your Regions Relationship Manager or Treasury Management Officer.