Regions iTreasury® Small Business

Treasury Management

With Regions iTreasury® Small Business (iTreasury SB), you can effectively manage the cash flow of your business and enjoy peace of mind with the advanced fraud prevention options that Regions iTreasury SB provides — all through one point of control.

Detailed information reporting

  • Conduct business transactions online in real time.
  • Access to banking information.
  • Balance transactions and account-to-account transfers.
  • Deposit ticket images and online displays of checks
  • Integrate your business accounts with QuickBooks legal disclaimer number1 for added convenience and to get real time transaction updates

Faster payments

  • Reduce check-related costs by using ACH Origination to make recurring payments.
  • Save time and money using Wire Transfer to make secure bank-to-bank transfers.
  • Provide access to multiple users and the potential to create electronic payments for payroll and vendor invoices.

Increased fraud protection

  • Use Positive Pay to reduce fraud risk and help guard against unauthorized transactions
  • Set up Regions ACH Alert to safeguard against debit fraud for Automated Clearing House transactions
  • Provide account access to multiple users at permission levels that you designate and control.
  • Control all accounts from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.
iTreasury Login

For more information, contact your Regions Relationship Manager or Treasury Management Officer.