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Reduce your risk of vendor payment fraud with these tips.

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As financial fraud continues to threaten businesses of all sizes, Regions offers solutions to help you mitigate and reduce your exposure to risk.

We can help you evaluate your internal processes to enhance current risk management plans. With our assistance, we can help ensure you have the appropriate safeguards in place helping you meet your cash management needs while adhering to your unique business requirements.

We strongly recommend that you implement the following best practices to help protect your business from fraud:

Other Fraud Prevention Resources:

Reporting Fraud
If you believe that you are a victim of fraud or have received a suspicious email message, please call us immediately:

  • Small Business Clients: call Regions Customer Service Center at 1‑800‑REGIONS (1‑800‑734‑4667)
  • Commercial, Corporate and Treasury Management Clients: call Regions Client Services at 1‑800‑787‑3905

For more information, contact your Regions Relationship Manager or Treasury Management Officer.