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Fraud Prevention and Awareness

Helping you secure your payment transactions and private data is our top priority.

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Imposters are using business emails more frequently to conduct fraudulent activity. Watch our latest video to learn how 3 simple and effective steps can help prevent business email compromise.

Vendor Payment Fraud

Fraudsters can trick you into sending them money by imitating a trusted vendor’s email account. Watch this video to learn what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.


Most malware infections happen through risky human behavior on a computer or mobile device and can be avoided. Watch this malware video for steps to prevent and detect malware.

How to Prevent Cybercrime

Cybercriminals are always plotting new ways to steal money and private data but they can’t succeed without you. Learn about common fraud threats and how you can reduce your risk of a cyberattack.

Webinar: Fraud Prevention and Awareness

Financial fraud is on the rise — and not just online. Join Regions commercial product manager Randy Wilborn, CTP and Regions Corporate Security Officer, Jeff Anderson in this recorded presentation as they discuss emerging fraud trends and practical steps to keep your finances safe.

Fraud Prevention Podcasts

Fraud Prevention and Awareness Podcasts:

Fraud Prevention Tools and Services

Fraud Prevention Tips

Follow these effective practices to help protect your business from fraud.

Fraud Preventions Solutions

Help protect your business from unnecessary loss with these Regions Services.

Fraud Prevention Resources

Spot, fight and prevent with these tips from leading treasury management professionals.

Reporting Fraud

Report any suspicious online activity immediately, including emails that appear to be from Regions, unfamiliar login screens, application pop-ups or error messages.

Small Business Clients: 1‑800‑REGIONS (1‑800‑734‑4667)
Commercial, Corporate and Treasury Management Clients: 1‑800‑787‑3905

If you believe you are a victim of financial fraud, contact as soon as possible.

Contact your Regions Relationship Manager or Treasury Management Officer for more information.

The information presented is general in nature. We remind our customers to be aware about fraud and security and that you’re responsible for taking action to protect your company systems. Fraud prevention requires a continuous review of your polices and practices, as the threat evolves daily. There is no guarantee that all fraudulent transactions will be prevented or that related financial losses will not occur.

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