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Minimize risk and reduce exposure to ACH fraud through early detection.

Regions ACH Alert provides a low-cost and effective safeguard for preventing unauthorized Automated Clearing House (ACH) debits. ACH Alert automatically monitors ACH debit activity and notifies you of any unauthorized or potentially fraudulent transactions based on the parameters you set. Simply select suspect items for return using the online tool provided. ACH Alert will maintain a record of all your ACH debit activity and return decisions for ease of future research.


  • Complete online management for monitoring and controlling all ACH debit transactions
  • Helps minimize risk associated with ACH transactions reducing exposure to ACH fraud
  • Customizable alerts allow you to select the transactions and parameters for email notifications
  • Transaction preauthorization enables you to bypass the alert function online with no paperwork required
  • You have complete control – early detection of suspect transactions enables you to reject potentially fraudulent ACH debits

Is Regions ACH Alert right for you? If you leverage the ACH Network for payments, Regions ACH Alert will provide advanced fraud protection, safeguarding your business from potential ACH debit fraud minimizing overall risk.