Fraud Prevention for Electronic Payments

Online money transfer processes such as Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions and wire transfers, inherently offer more fraud control and are less vulnerable to fraud compared to paper-based transactions. However, fraud is perpetuated in all forms. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you implement the following best practices:

Best Practices for Online Money Transfer

  • Review your banking activity daily and reconcile accounts promptly.
  • Maintain an active and valid Wire PIN for emergencies.
  • Use an online banking service, such as Regions iTreasury® to securely and conveniently access your account information and initiate online money transfers.
  • Segregate accounts by purpose, type and/or payment vehicle.
  • Assign separate employee responsibilities for transaction initiation and reconcilement.
  • Establish dual control measures for the entire online money transfer process. (Dual control means separating duties so no individual has control over all phases of a transaction.) It's easy to implement, prevents or decreases the risk of internal errors, and protects your business against unauthorized transactions.
  • Use Regions ACH Alerts to prevent unauthorized ACH transactions.

Other Resources

Fraud Prevention Resources

Fraud Prevention Services
Regions offers fraud protection tools for businesses of all sizes that can help you reduce your exposure to fraud. Contact Regions Treasury Management for more information.

Reporting Fraud
If you believe that you are a victim of fraud or have received a suspicious email message, please call Regions Client Services immediately at 1-800-787-3905.