Express Trade LC

Monitor and manage letters of credit, streamline accounts payable operations and simplify cash flow management anytime and from anywhere on a secure, web-based portal.

Create and Transmit Applications and Amendments

  • Import Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Direct Collections

Monitor Collection Status and Account History

  • Letter of Credit, Direct and Import Collection balance and history information.
  • Copies of inbound Export Letters of Credit received via SWIFT.
  • Advices, payment schedules, letters, and fee information on most transactions.

Simplify and Expedite Transaction Processing

  • Reduce processing time and errors by minimizing the amount of data entry required.
  • Download information to create reports in PDF or CSV format.
  • Submit and update applications online. No Faxing or mailing required.
  • Reduce errors by easily identifying illegal SWIFT characters and common mistakes.
  • Easy-to-understand online help screens with field definitions.

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