Regions iTreasury®

Treasury Management

With Regions iTreasury®, you can easily manage your company’s cash flow with convenience and control.

  • Dashboard customization – Personalize your Regions iTreasury workspace to work simpler and more efficiently; drag and drop Regions iTreasury tools (widgets) to display the information most important to you
  • Flexible security controls – Integrated security features give administrators the flexibility to easily establish permissions based on the responsibility of each user
  • Streamline payments – Access and manage all outgoing ACH and Wire transactions in one place with the Regions iTreasury Payments Center
  • Mobile enabled – With the Regions iTreasury mobile legal disclaimer number1 app, you have convenient access to all Regions iTreasury information reporting tools at your fingertips allowing you to complete daily cash management tasks on the go

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For more information, contact your Regions Relationship Manager or Treasury Management Officer.