Real-time payments using the RTP® network


Video Transcript

Send, receive and settle your payment transactions within seconds with the RTP® network. The RTP network, a real-time-payments solution created by The Clearing House, is the first new core-payments infrastructure launched in the U.S. in more than 40 years.

Regions iTreasury clients can send payments from their accounts to intended receiving accounts within seconds using the RTP network. This real-time-payments solution will facilitate payments between businesses as well as payments from businesses to consumers.

RTP features include:

  • Immediate availability. Recipients receive the payment within seconds.
  • Payment acknowledgement. The sender receives a confirmation that the payment has been received and settled.
  • Sophisticated messaging capability. Flexible messaging functionality is included to support transparency within the life of the transaction.
  • Convenience. Soon iTreasury clients can initiate payments from the existing accounts.
  • Account reconciliation. The RTP network enables immediate realization of funds available.

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