Wire Transfer

Settle transactions quickly, maximize earnings and reduce borrowing costs with Regions Wire Transfer service.

Flexibility: Choose Regions iTreasury®, Regions iTreasury® Small Business and Online Banking Business Services[1]  to order and execute domestic and international wire transfers, or set up by phone.

Increased security: Wire Transfers are a safe way to send and receive large-dollar-value payments with no risk of return. Regions receives wire transfers into business and commercial accounts and reports receipt to clients. 

Enhanced administration: Wire Transfer services give you better control. You can designate individuals to initiate, approve or release a wire transfer. This lets you confirm receipt quickly, initiate repetitive and nonrepetitive wires and view the status of your outgoing wire transfers at any time.


  • Speed of settlement
  • Ability to confirm receipt quickly and easily
  • Delegated administration
  • High degree of visibility throughout the payment flow
  • Support of multiple currencies[2]
  • Real-time reporting of incoming transfer
  • Multiple security solutions

Tip: Always review and verify the legitimacy of the requestor and the wire beneficiary, as well as the dollar amount, before releasing wire transfers. View best practices to protect against wire fraud.